Forma is a non-invasive aesthetic device that helps to facilitate the formation of new collagen and to improve the skin’s elasticity.  Forma can be used to address loose skin in the face, neck, knees and abdomen area.  Forma can be used in conjunction with Body FX to provide superior results.  With proper skin care the results of Forma can be long lasting.

  • What is Forma?
    Forma, similar to Body FX, uses radio frequency energy in order to stimulate collagen production.  Using Forma can help to provide super contouring, resulting in a smoother, younger, and sexier skin composition.
  • Am I right for Forma?
    Forma can be used on all skin types and tones.  Forma is used to address irregular skin elasticity that requires contraction.  This non-invasive procedure is safe for anyone.  Forma is typically used for areas of the skin that have been exposed to the effects of weight gain/loss or general aging.  The treatment is mostly administered in the abdomen, arms (bat wings), thighs, back and knees.
  • What results will I see and feel?
    As you undergo your Forma treatment you will likely feel a warmth and tightening sensation.  Over the course of your treatments you will notice the irregularities in your skin start to smoothen out resulting in a more toned look.
  • Is it Painful?
    Aside from the warmth sensation, the treatment is virtually pain-free.  The treatment is typically compared to getting a hot stone massage.  Although you may experience redness in the area being treated, this redness will subside after several hours.  There is absolutely no downtime with receiving a Forma treatment.
  • Number of sessions?
    Depending on the area being addressed and the amount of contouring to be done, it is recommended that sessions are performed once a week over a 4-8 week period.  You can expect to see gradual improvements over each successive treatment.