Body FX is the only non-invasive body contouring device clinically proven to kill adipose tissue.  Body FX attacks areas of the body that are prone to fat buildup including, but not limited to, the abs, flanks, love handles, thighs, legs, arms, neck, and back.  Radio frequency energy is used in conjunction with negative pressure in order to kill fat and tighten the skin.  Body FX can help address those unwanted areas of fat that are just too hard to get rid of.

  • How does it really work?
    Body FX uses radio frequency, deep tissue heatingand suction in order to kill fat.  The radio frequency energy causes the adipose tissue to heat and contract.  The mechanical vacuum and energy pulses work together to sculpt the area of concern.
  • How Safe is the treatment?
    Radio frequency technology sounds concerning; however, the procedure is administered in a controlled environment.  The number of radio frequency waves are constantly monitored by the device.  The skin’s surface temperature is also constantly monitored by the device.
  • Is it Painful?
    Although you may feel a warming sensation of the skin, most users have found the Body FX procedure to be comfortable.  Users will also feel a slight pulling sensation which is caused by the mechanical vacuum.  Nothing to be worried about, the heat and vacuum combination are working to smoothen out unwanted pockets of fat.
  • How many sessions?
    Depending on the area being addressed and the amount of contouring to be done, it is recommended that sessions are performed once a week over a 4-8 week period.  You can expect to see gradual improvements over each successive treatment.
  • Post procedure / care?
    There is absolutely no downtime with Body FX.  Although you may experience redness in the area being contoured, this redness will subside after several hours.  Body FX will not prevent you from going on about your day regularly.