What is Hyperhidrosis ?

It is estimated that about 5-10% of Americans suffer from excessive sweating in the armpit region.  Sweating can be embarrassing as it can complicate business and social interactions.  Botox injections have been used to treat this condition with success, however this treatment needs to be re-administered about every 9-12 months.

At Radiant Aesthetics, Morpheus is used in order to treat Hyperhydrosis and offers a much longer term solution than traditional treatments such as Botox.  Morpheus uses radio frequency energy pulses in order to effectively destroy the sweat glands in question.  Typically, local anesthesia is administered, especially under the armpit region, before this procedure.  Treatments typically take less than 45 minutes.  Treatment typically only takes 1 session. However, depending on the severity of hyperhidrosis, as many as 3 treatments may be needed.

Patients should expect to feel a dull pain after anesthesia has worn off. This may last for 1-3 hours after the treatment. This discomfort is the result of the sweat glands having been destroyed.  Patients should expect to see gradual improvement in the quantity of sweat over 3 weeks after each treatment.

With Morpheus treatment for excessive sweating, you no longer have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains.  Even having to remember to use deodorant in the morning will become a thing of the past.