Diolaze is one of the industry’s most sophisticated laser hair removal device.  Patients can achieve permanent hair reduction with a fewer number of treatments using Diolaze.

  • What is Diolaze?
    Diolaze is an advanced hair removal device that can help to eliminate the most peskiest of unwanted hairs.  Diolaze’s large surface area allows the laser to treat large spot areas making treatments faster and more convenient.
  • How does it work?
    Diolaze laser works by passing a diode laser beam through the skin in order to penetrate the hair follicles.  The energy created from the diode laser heats up the root of the targeted hair, which helps facilitate in preventing future hair growth.
  • Is it Painful?
    The Diolaze laser is unlike other lasers in the industry because of its advanced skin cooling surface.  This advanced skin cooling feature makes the Diolaze much more comfortable than any other laser in the industry.  Patients have reported that the Diolaze is virtually painless.
  • Why do I need multiple treatments?
    As with any other laser hair treatment, multiple treatments are required.  In order to properly permanently remove unwanted hair, the hair must receive a laser throughout different stages of its growth cycle.  When a hair is treated only once it is receiving a laser at a particular growth stage.  The hair must be treated at regular and periodic intervals to ensure that the hair is receiving a laser at its different life cycles.
  • How many sessions?
    Depending on hair color, hair type, body area and skin tone, laser hair treatment can take anywhere from four to six separate sessions.
  • Which areas can be treated?
    The Diolaze laser can be safely used on virtually any part of the body.  Typically patients seeking hair removal seek to address the bikini, leg, arms, chest, back, shoulder, stomach, neck, chin and sideburn area.